What we do

Our team at ARCHES are service users, supporters/family members, and mental health professionals who work together to develop and deliver meaningful, evidence informed education programmes that promote mental health recovery, personal growth, and wellbeing.

We do this by providing transformative learning opportunities, an empowering environment, and a place to belong. We directly challenge mental health stigma by promoting dignity, respect, and equality.

Our Mission

ARCHES Recovery College was established to foster the knowledge, skills, and abilities that can help a person manage life challenges and live a meaningful and fulfilling life. We value hope, optimism, and the power to change and grow. We respect each individual’s uniqueness, potential, and the personal meaning of their experience.

ARCHES also plays a role in helping mental health professionals include the perspectives of, and achieve the outcomes prioritised by, service users and their family members/supporters to enhance mental health service delivery. This is the Recovery Approach and is central to modern, innovative, and humanised mental health services.

Our Team

Who we are

ARCHES means Advancing Recovery in Community Healthcare East Services. ARCHES Recovery College is a publicly funded, service user led, collaboration between Mental Health Ireland and the Health Service Executive. We deliver our programme of Recovery Education in different locations across Community Healthcare East (see Contact Us for details) and part of our programme is available online.

Our Programme

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