The valuing of lived and clinical experience is at the core of everything we do in ARCHES. Feedback from our community is a gift. We are so grateful to get it because we can use it to improve our service. Here are some of the ways we have used the gift of feedback to make our service better:

  1. We have introduced a coproduction induction, support, and evaluation process on the request of people contributing.
  2. We are seeking funding for resources to offer courses outside of the typical 9 – 5 workday as many people who are in employment have expressed a desire to attend ARCHES Recovery College.
  3. We have revised our clinician training programme so it provides practical real world examples of how to implement the Recovery Approach.

How do I give feedback?

To give feedback, simply contact ARCHES Recovery College Admin Support (Matthew) by email at or by phone on 087 342 9922 to let us know how you have experienced our service.

Please note this is not the appropriate place to submit a complaint about our service or the broader HSE mental health services. Procedures for submitting complaints can be found here.