Peter Byrne

Peter Byrne

Lead Recovery Educator in ARCHES Recovery College

MA, BAI, Adv Dip Coaching, PhD

Peter is an educator and researcher with qualifications in mental health and wellbeing coaching, mechanical engineering, and mathematics. In ARCHES Recovery College, he supervises our team of Recovery Education Facilitators and leads the coproduction and cofacilitation of our programmes. Peter has a passion for using adult education principles as he feels this approach to working with people best draws out their knowledge, strengths, and talents.

Peter is focused on, and enthusiastic about, all Recovery Education including understanding recovery through the CHIME framework, promoting advocacy and empowerment, developing a personal recovery narrative, and supporting people to navigate the mental health services.

Additionally, Peter has been practicing Mindfulness for five years now.  He values breath awareness, body scans, and gratitude and kindness practices. Peter believes mindfulness can support people in recovery by introducing calmness, bringing awareness, and enhancing appreciation for life.

Areas of expertise: coproduction, resilience, care planning, anxiety, depression, stress management, mental health and wellbeing coaching, facilitation skills, Healthy Food Made Easy, Wellness Recovery Action Planning.