ARCHES Recovery College is a place for being, becoming, and belonging.

We provide a safe, compassionate, and welcoming space to explore mental health difficulties, their meaning to you, and how to progress in your recovery and wellbeing journey.

We are a community of people with a diverse range of backgrounds and skills who are connected by our shared experience of receiving or providing mental health services.

We use this expertise to offer meaningful, evidence informed education programmes that promote mental health recovery, personal growth, and wellbeing.

We help people identify and achieve life goals by attending our courses, learning together from each other, or by being told about other resources in the community.

People self-refer to our Recovery Education programme. However clinicians also can ask us to reach out to individuals and families. People can then avail of our courses, talks, peer support, and social events.

ARCHES Recovery College can also help improve mental health services through creativity and new ideas. So if you think of a new way to support our community (e.g. a hearing voices group, a Recovery Choir, or a qigong course) please get in touch!

We also provide a reflexive practice workshop (Recovery Principles and Practices 1: An introduction to our National Framework for Recovery in Mental Health) to support clinicians in implementing the Recovery Approach.

Our Programme

Take a look at some example courses and click on the link below to view all.